More students compete for jobs

More students than ever are seeking employment through their university’s careers service. Last month (September 2009) there were almost 50,000 university students* actively monitoring CareerHub job websites, compared to around 10,000 at the same time last year.


The increase is partly because 3 new universities have joined the Australian CareerHub network in the last year (bringing the total number to 28) – these unis contributed 6-7,000 extra active job seekers last month. But there’s still a large, steady increase in job seekers unaccounted for.

The level of interest is roughly the same as during the the busy recruitment period in March, suggesting that next year’s graduate recruitment season will attract an unprecedented level of interest from students. If you want to make sure your graduate opportunities are seen by this audience, CareerHub Central offers a quick and cost-effective way to get your advertisements “inside” the universities.

Interestingly, the number of jobs available across all universities in the Central network seems to be about the same as this time last year, at around 4,500. I’d expect this higher demand for a limited pool of jobs means the competition is heating up for students.

*These numbers are taken from daily statistics from each of the 28 Australian universities in the CareerHub distribution network. Specifically, I used the number of students who had logged in at least once in the last month to determine the number of “active” students.


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