CareerHub Central: 14th most popular website in Australia?

I just noticed that CareerHub Central is listed as the 14th most popular website in Australia, according to Web Ranking Australia. Not only that, we’re listed as number 1 for employment in Australia, above Seek. Impressive!


So are we really more popular than Seek for employment? As much as I’d like to believe it, we know that this is not the case. I’m not sure why Web Ranking’s statistics seem skewed in our favour, but other traffic analysis websites like Hitwise and Alexa barely register our traffic (at the moment Alexa ranks us 11,669 in Australia).


That’s ok though. We wouldn’t expect to have the huge number of hits as the big job sites, because the job seekers that see CareerHub Central job ads don’t view them on, they view them at their own university websites; so the traffic is all distributed across each institution in the CareerHub network. We’re very happy with our statistics although our distributed setup makes it very difficult for us to show off impressive ranking statistics. We focus on quality rather than quantity. And because every person that accesses jobs via CareerHub is authenticated directly by their university, the stats we have are 100% accurate and not based on ‘general public’ or social networking visits.

Interestingly Alexa also ranks sub-sites within a domain, which helps indicate the popularity of CareerHub within universities. For example, at Monash University their CareerHub site is the 6th most popular Monash site, even higher than most faculty sites.

As I write this article I can see that over the last month we have an average of about 7,500 students logging in each day across the network: they are reading about 17,000 jobs ads, and there are about 430,000 students/ graduates registered overall, with about 45,000 of them actively searching within the last month.

We think this is pretty impressive given that we know for certain that are stats are not skewed by the general public accessing the site or other web-crawlers ranking with unknown ranking logic. CareerHub is definitely the largest graduate recruitment network in Australia! Will keep you posted on a new exciting initiative that will take these figures significantly higher again into next year – watch this space 🙂


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