Reaching out to experienced and mature age students

We are reminded daily about the economic ‘doom and gloom’ we’re currently in. Many of us are unaffected, but for some it is a time to re-evaluate our careers and take the opportunity to re-skill. 

Over the last two years university enrollments have risen dramatically. The charge back to education is led by mature age students – people who already have experience and skills, and are now acting positively to improve them further. 

Interestingly, we have also noticed a rising demand from employers using CareerHub to target this group. While I have no researched evidence of this, I suspect that SME’s are considering this group to have a faster uptake time to be productive staff members. They are already work-ready, skilled and often available for quality part-time or casual employment while they undertake their studies.

Graduates from previous years are also adding to the growing pool of talent with experience in the work force. University Careers Services are generally one of the few parts of the university that continues to provide services to students for some significant time after they graduate. Students are never removed from their university’s CareerHub and can continue to access the services and offerings available. These graduates make a large proportion of CareerHub users and are of increasing interest to employers.

Universities also recognise the value of relationships with their graduates and are increasingly realising that the highest interaction with their graduates may be through CareerHub. As a result many universities have added the category of ‘Experienced/  Professional employment’ into their CareerHub systems. 

In recognition of this growing interest and the high usage volume from these individuals, we have also added this category to our CareerHub Central system so you can actively target this group in your job postings.

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