New CareerHub form builder makes registering for university careers fairs too easy

CareerHub Central has made things even easier for employers*.

Many universities are now utilising CareerHub technology to handle their careers fair registrations.  You can now register for each of these university’s careers fairs quickly and conveniently via CareerHub Central rather than having to log into each individual local CareerHub site.

How does this work?

By logging into CareerHub Central, you are simultaneously logged in to all local university CareerHub sites where you have distributed jobs. 

To get your company into next year’s university careers fairs:

Step 1. Log into your CareerHub Central employer account in the usual way

Step 2. Double check your details; ensure everything is up to date

Step 3. Access each university’s careers fair registration form via the following links. 

To make it even easier we will soon have a page on the CareerHub Central site with these links available permanently. And we will offer the ability for you to register for fairs even if you haven’t distributed jobs to this university.

* If you have yet to distribute a job to any of the universities above, you will not to be granted automatic access via your CareerHub Central account.  You will need to log in using a local account.


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