Complete job distribution package rates now available

As many employers and recruiters are already aware, CareerHub Central‘s job distribution service is the preferred and most efficient vehicle to reach students and graduates to advertise graduate and cadet programmes.  Additionally, vacancies outside the official graduate program intake will often arise, so there will be times when you need to distribute other job information into the CareerHub university network.

Careerhub Central is pleased to announce new job distribution package prices enabling employers and recruiters to better manage a higher volume of advertising to the universities:

  • 20 jobs for $3,000
  • 50 jobs for $6,000
  • 100 jobs for $10,000

Apart from the obvious savings as compared with the individual distribution rate of $180 per job, once your employer account is activated with a package purchase, you won’t have to enter credit card details each time you post a job making it even more convenient to publish job information.  Contact CareerHub on 1300 852 112 if you’d like to further simplify your recruitment efforts.

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