Register for 2010’s university vacation fairs using CareerHub Central

An increasing number of universities use the CareerHub Form Builder system for managing their Careers Fairs registrations.  This process integrates your Careers Fair registrations directly with your CareerHub Central account at a local level with each university.

To make it easier for you to complete all your Careers Fair registrations, CareerHub has created a process that will automatically log you in to each university’s local system where you can complete and edit registration forms.

This is a free service through CareerHub Central that will continue to improve as more universities adopt our Form Builder technology.  To expedite the careers and vacation fairs registration process for your organisation:

1.  Log into your employer account at

2.  Click on Careers Fairs Registration Forms in the menu at left of screen

3.  Select each campus and fair date, noting:

  • If you have previously published vacancies to universities then you will be immediately logged in;
  • If you have NOT previously published vacancies to these universities then you will be prompted to distribute your contact details prior to completing the forms. If you want to complete this form you must first click the Distribute Now button. This will automatically create an account for you within the local CareerHub system at that institution. Updating your details on this site will synchronise automatically to all institutions where you have published jobs or completed forms.

4.  You will then be taken to each institution’s fair exhibitor registration form where you can complete the fields, for example:


5.  As long as all the data entered is complete and correct, you will generate the following screen where you can review your submission in printer-friendly format or continue:


6.  When you press Continue you will be advised that your registration is awaiting approval. You should also receive an automated email response from each institution at which you’ve registered.

7.  To complete the registration process, finally click Back to CareerHub Central at the top right of the screen to take you back to your employer account where you can select other fairs at which to register, resume other CareerHub Central activity, or log out.

Why is this good news?  Many universities are utilising CareerHub technology to handle their careers fair registrations, so you can register your attendance at each university’s careers fair quickly and conveniently using CareerHub Central, rather than logging into each individual university’s CareerHub site. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about this new functionality by calling us on 1300 852 112 or emailing the team at


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