CareerHub Central confirms FY11 pricing

Employers and recruiters, please be advised that pricing for CareerHub Central services remains unchanged for FY11 and we are pleased to confirm the following fees for our services as follows:

1.  Distribute job information about graduate programmes, student vacancies, holiday and internship placements and any other job opportunities which may arise.  For a flat fee of $180 including GST per job, distribute to as many Australian institutions as you choose;

2.  Purchase discounted package rates in advance for multiple job distributions of 20, 50 or 100 jobs;

3.  CareerHub’s Employer Profile feature gives a year-round online organisational presence within the universities’ CareerHub systems.  Students access Employer Profiles whilst browsing their institution’s CareerHub or researching employers.  Employer Profiles generate significantly higher traffic than print publications and are searched only by VALIDATED students and graduates:

  • Activate a new Employer Profile for $5,000 incl GST and receive five free job distributions over the 12 month activation period ($900 saving), or
  • Renew an existing Employer Profile for $3,000 incl GST ($2,000 saving)
Other features

Register for university careers and vacation fairs quickly and conveniently from your account using our free registration form builder.

If you are or use a recruitment provider, talk with us about how your multipost system might integrate with CareerHub Central.

Agencies can use our free Client Manager functionality enabling you to delegate responsibility to your advertising or recruitment agency to publish vacancies under your account.

The largest student recruitment network in Australia
  • Over 550,000 students and graduates registered nationally in over 30 universities
  • Averaging 7,000 student logins per day
  • 16,000 jobs viewed per day
  • 45,000 active job seekers each month

We encourage you to visit CareerHub Central to make recruiting students and graduates easier.  Call us on 1300 852 112 or email if you have any questions or would like to discuss using CareerHub Central to best effect.


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