Deloitte’s Elisabeth McAuliffe talks on innovation for a shapely culture


Talk with most graduate recruiters, including Deloitte’s national graduate recruitment manager Elisabeth McAuliffe, and you will find that she doesn’t really have a ‘normal’ day which is one of the key things she enjoys most: “My day can involve everything from speaking with and meeting candidates, liaising with universities, helping my team achieve their goals to meeting with our senior partners on graduate recruitment. It is great to be able to work with candidates, to assist them in the first step of their career.”

“Great companies are built on a foundation of culture and values. At Deloitte, they are what make us unique, engaging, and successful”

Working as a part of the broader HR team, it forms part of Liz’s remit to devise and apply an innovative national graduate recruitment strategy as part of the firm’s overall strategy as Deloitte encourages innovation and idea generation from all employees. CEO Giam Swiegers states, “Playing safe is the death of innovation; innovation is about taking risks”.

Every year 20 per cent of the firm’s revenue comes from new products and services, a clear sign that employee innovation drives a strong proportion of growth and opportunities. Deloitte’s ‘Innovation Academy’ is the creative hub of the firm: it’s where a great idea starts the process, developing into a fully-funded reality. So far more than 5,000 ideas have been submitted to develop new products and services.

It is not surprising then that innovation overlays every activity that is undertaken in the graduate recruitment team. As an example of how innovation is embedded throughout the culture is through the ‘Seven Signals’. Liz explains, “Our signals inform the way we do business, inspire us to draw strength from each other, and enable us to deliver outstanding value to our clients, markets and communities. They remind us of the behaviours that set us apart: we recruit and retain the best, talk straight, play to win and think globally, grow and improve, aim to be famous, empower and trust, and have fun and celebrate.”

Deloitte’s ‘Seven Signals’ are summarised below and we thank Liz for being able to give us a glimpse of how this initiative is put into practice:


Recruit and retain the best

Deloitte values talent – the talent of our people. Our continuing success requires us to retain and grow our talent through a constant inflow of innovative, creative people who add sensational value to our firm and our clients.



Talk straight

Talk straight means open, regular, honest and constructive two way communication throughout the firm and with our clients.



Play to win – think globally

Every relationship we enter, every opportunity we encounter, is approached with confidence based on our knowledge, skills and the power of our global winning partnerships.



Continuously grow and improve

We encourage our people towards a lifetime of learning, coaching and mentoring. We seek new challenges and find innovative ways to deal with changing circumstances through the 3 Gs: Grow the business; Grow the team; Grow yourself.



Aim to be famous

Deloitte’s differentiation pivots on the reputation of our people. This occurs at two levels, the firm’s fame and the individual’s fame.



Empower and trust

At Deloitte we encourage ownership and pride by providing clarity and delegating responsibility and authority to all our people.



Have fun and celebrate

We acknowledge the great results achieved each day by the people around us; we build the Deloitte community and contribute to the community outside the firm.


Graduate recruitment plans for the Big 4 firm see the continued placement of candidates into summer vacation and graduate programmes, essentially starting with campus presence at institutions across the country which is a well-known and proven process for many employers. As well as on-campus activity, Deloitte embraces social media as a key part of their recruitment strategy, “We use a variety of online forums, both internal and external, and encourage candidates to interact with us via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter @Green_Dot.”

Elisabeth McAuliffe has been with Deloitte for nearly six years in a variety of HR-related roles. Deloitte, one of Australia’s leading professional services firms, provides audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services throughout Australia. Focused on the creation of value and growth, and known as an employer of choice for innovative human resources programs, Deloitte is dedicated to helping their clients and people excel.


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