Graduate recruiters act now! It’s time to activate an Employer Profile in 2011

CareerHub’s Employer Profile functionality will connect you directly to university careers fairs which are in a few months’ time AND attract new students entering academia to your organisation.



Activate your corporate profile online within each CareerHub university across Australia for a period of 12 months for $5,000 incl GST.  That’s less than $160 per institution per annum!  If you already have or have had an Employer Profile on CareerHub Central, update and renew your Profile at the special rate of $3,000 incl GST. 

Employer Profiles are activated individually within each university’s CareerHub at 32 institutions and feature banners and graphics in addition to your key message or value statement about your organisation. 

Employer Profiles are a favourite with students as you make it easy for them to find out more and shortlist your organisation as a possible employer.  Any jobs you post throughout the year become automatically linked to your Profile.


Quick facts:

Your CareerHub Employer Profile gives you year-round online organisational presence within the universities’ CareerHub systems.  Students access your Employer Profile at their institution by:

  • browsing all employers by industry
  • browsing only employers with Profiles in an alphabetically sorted list
  • through dynamic linking from any vacancies or graduate programs you have listed
  • through dynamic linking from any event listings you have (e.g. Careers Fair attendance or on-campus presentations)
  • through links from archived vacancies while researching employers and career choices

CareerHub Employer Profiles generate a significantly higher traffic margin than print publications and are searched upon by VALIDATED students and graduates, not just general public hits and Google searches and robots that distort other general public website statistics.

  • Students using CareerHub read over 1.2 million job advertisements every quarter
  • CareerHub Central puts you in direct contact with careers services AND students on each campus
  • Students and graduates access CareerHub exclusively using their own unique university identification, and
  • In 2009/10, Employer Profiles generated 32,750 views

We look forward to you using CareerHub Central to make recruiting students and graduates easier. To find out more about creating or renewing an Employer Profile, please call us on 1300 852 112 or email


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