Employer Profile vs employer account – what’s the difference?

Since circulating some information about CareerHub Central Employer Profiles recently, we’ve received a few queries from graduate recruiters asking how their registration differs from a ‘profile’?  Here we clarify:

  • An employer account is an organisation’s free registration on CareerHub Central which allows you to log in to distribute jobs and register for university careers fairs.  The details provided in your employer account are viewable by the CareerHub university careers staff (not students) and lets them see a primary contact for your organisation in order that they might communicate with you from time to time regarding graduate recruitment matters and events.  It makes sense to log in and check your employer account details when you’re not recruiting to ensure that your organisational and staff contact details are up to date.

If you’re unsure if your organisation has or had a CareerHub Central Employer Profile activated across the universities, simply log into your employer account and click View My Profile.  If you don’t have an Employer Profile you will see, “You do not currently have a CareerHub Profile. Please see About Profiles for more information about Profiles and how to obtain one”).

If you have any queries or would like to discuss activating your Employer Profile in FY12 or in 2012 please call us on 1300 852 112.

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