How to view activity history on CareerHub Central

Recently we received a query from a recruiter who was concerned that he could not see his former colleague’s activity and job history on CareerHub Central. 

This was further complicated as the recruiter uses our Client Manager function to project manage and recruit for a number of corporate clients so the former colleague seemed to be ‘buried’ under layers of client management click throughs.

The easiest way to view history for a colleague who has left your organisation is to:

  1. first make sure that they are still listed among your staff contacts either still activated or disabled as it doesn’t matter (sometimes when a staffer leaves and a replacement comes along we find the new contact details have overwritten the old)
  2. any jobs distributed by that contact in the past will still have those, albeit expired, attached to their staff record
  3. click on the summary of any job to drill down into the detail.  (If you wish to re-use the information from a past job, simply click the option Republish This Job to edit and distribute to the universities)

If you find yourself having to take over an existing CareerHub Central employer account, call us on 1300 852 112 to expedite the process and bring you up to date quickly.

CareerHub Central – working harder to make your graduate recruitment easier.

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