Steve Nield with a behind the scenes look at what makes Aurecon grads unique

Aurecon is a global engineering, management and specialist technical services consultancy with around 7,000 professional employees offering in-depth local market knowledge combined with international expertise.  With growth driving demand across several industry groups for the best and brightest, the recruitment team set out to drive awareness of Aurecon and the opportunities company offers.  Graduates are engaged to work with market leading experts in a range of fields in an innovative and empowering culture, under the banner ‘Live Your Ideas’.  CareerHub recently caught up with Steve Nield, APAC Graduate Recruitment Manager to ask, “Where to from here?”

Steve tells, “The feedback from the business at that time was that the graduate programme was a little ‘ad hoc’.”  He has now been in the role for nine months and has ownership for designing Aurecon’s ANZ graduate programme with a team of 16 recruiters across the region.

Aurecon is a global company with a local focus. It is renowned for innovation and its depth and breadth of expertise across 11 industries.  CEO Paul Hardy regularly interacts with graduates on future direction and current achievements and the leadership team is committed to building a company that is leading, vibrant and global, with purposeful values that focus on fostering excellence and enhancing the communities in which its people live and work. 

Aurecon is a pioneer in the graduate recruitment arena as one of only a handful of employers offering a four year programme which is implemented globally.  Such an approach is markedly different from most. 2011 marks the first year of ‘no rotation’ – Aurecon’s 150 candidates need to know what their early career goals and desires might be.  Offering accelerated professional development brings value to the business some 18 months ahead of Aurecon’s contemporaries and spearheads professional accreditation by Engineers Australia which adds considerable weight to the graduate programme’s uniqueness.




Crucial to the redevelopment of Aurecon’s graduate programme was creating added value in the way they recruited candidates and managed expectations.  Steve says, “Aurecon is different being privately owned.  We don’t rotate graduates which therefore creates passionate people who excel earlier and have a clear idea sooner in their careers.”  This gives rise to an earlier route into specialist areas with access to career mentors who are leaders in the chosen field. With the opportunities to work on high profile projects spanning 11 market industries, which graduate wouldn’t be keen to fast track their career path?

The next two to three years will see Steve ensuring that Aurecon is on the right track with graduate recruitment, development and the alignment of its recruitment strategy with respect to the senior leadership team’s expectations.  Planning for 2012 is well underway – the graduate value proposition goes hand in hand with the future direction of the business, so understandably he is very passionate!

Aurecon’s push into social media focussing on communication with potential candidates, featuring project wins, charity work, scholarship details and answering queries through Facebook has snowballed with 1,702 followers. “Students are urged throughout the campaign to follow Aurecon on the company’s Facebook page for a behind the scenes look at what makes Aurecon unique. They can use this forum to ask questions and get additional information from our recruiters as well as stay up to date with Aurecon news and media coverage.”  The organisation is at the forefront of using cloud technology of which CareerHub Central comprises a key part of their graduate recruitment activity in this area.

Looking forward, Steve plans to consolidate the organisation’s graduate activities for the foreseeable future: measuring the effect on graduate retention, engaging with internal stakeholders and networking with external affiliates to build community and generate ideas.  We wish Steve and his team all the best with their redesigned graduate programme and the value it brings to Aurecon.

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