More about how job distribution works on CareerHub Central

Recently we received a very good question from an employer who asked, "Does CareerHub email all vacancies which are loaded onto the site out to students, as well as just posting them online?"

The answer is that students* registered at CareerHub universities learn about jobs in three ways:

  1. They can search their job board generally when jobs are posted online
  2. If a job has been posted by an employer which is relevant to their study area / skills then students are specifically notified when they log onto their uni's CareerHub job board
  3. Some unis also dispatch newsletters to their students – as long as students are to subscribed, they will receive additional reminders about relevant jobs

* Across the 32 CareerHub universities, the 900,000+ registered users comprise students, graduates and experienced professionals (the latter have been out of uni for 1-2 years but can still log in with their uni ID to access job board information) which means that people still enrolled, finishing or who have finished university can still view jobs on their university's CareerHub job board.

Call us on 1300 852 112 if you have any questions about how job distribution works on CareerHub Central.

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