Happy New Year! Get organised with CareerHub Central

Recently we heard this time of the graduate recruitment year referred to as the ‘mad’ time.  And those of us who greet the cycle each year know all too well how quickly the mad can take hold just after New Year.

The publishing of careers fairs dates is enough to incite thrill into every graduate recruiter’s heart… as long as everything runs smoothly. Being organised and having your ducks in order, of course, is the key to making merry of mad.

One way to ensure that, as far as using CareerHub Central goes, is to check your employer account and update any out of date information and staff contacts.

If you then wish to register for the careers fairs from the comfort and safety of your PC, you’ll need to check that you have previously published a job from CareerHub Central.  That way the pipeline is clear – essentially your organisation is approved – by the universities you dealt with at the time you published.

If your organisation is registered on CareerHub Central but you are yet to publish a job, you will need to contact us on 1300 852 112 in order to use our free careers fairs registration service as we’ll need to manually manage the approval process for you. Until an unpublished employer has done this, an error message is generated.

If you are concerned about the status of your employer registration, simply talk with us on 1300 852 112.

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