Profile planning for grad employers and recruiters

When it comes to CareerHub's Employer Profiles, here are a few tips to optimise your grad campaign planning efforts:

  • Everything you need to know about compiling an Employer Profile to reflect your organisation's corporate message can be found in our FY13 information and booking form on our website at so download a copy well in advance of your planning to become familiar with all the elements you'll need to submit to make your online job board presence a success.
  • If your organisation already has (or has had) a CareerHub Employer Profile, reduced rates are available to renew or reactivate it so talk with us to confirm that for your budgeting.
  • Activating your organisation's Employer Profile is not a DIY affair – it involves you working with the CareerHub support team to get all the elements in place correctly. Once you submit your text and graphics to us, it will take approximately 10 working days for us to get a draft to you for review. You then need to review that draft and make any further changes before formally signing off the final version – depending on how long or how many edits you wish to make as part of your review will affect the lead time in activating your Profile. Once we have your authority to do so, we then push out your Employer Profile to 33 university job boards across Australia.
  • Do note that once your Employer Profile is 'live' on the university job boards, you cannot make any further changes to it for 12 months, so make sure your messaging is accurate and your review and final edits are thorough and complete.
There is a lot more information about activating or renewing your CareerHub Employer Profile on our website at Distributing your Organisation Profile, so take some time to read through that.  To check to see if your organisation has a CareerHub Employer Profile or to check the renewal date for your existing Profile, log into and click View My Profile.

And don't hesitate to call us on 1300 852 112 if you have any questions.


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