Obtaining stats and traffic data from CareerHub universities

Once your job is published from CareerHub Central and sent to your selected uni(s) for approval and posting on their respective job boards, we at CareerHub Central cannot see your job as posted to the university job boards.  The information within your published job then becomes the property of each university, as does the data attached to each job.

As a result, can we neither see the traffic nor any stats, clicks, views, etc your published job is generating on each uni’s CareerHub job board.

Additionally, because of the proprietorial nature of each university’s student data, CareerHub Central is not permitted to provide statistical information to employers and recruiters. This also applies to CareerHub Employer Profiles.  However we encourage you to make contact with the universities from which you wish to request this data by contacting each directly.  A full list of contact details for each CareerHub university careers office can be found at Careers Service On-Campus Contacts.  Just call us on 1300 852 112 if you have any questions or need to clarify.


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