More insight into your job posting status

New date field added to Current Job summary

Recently a graduate recruiter called somewhat confused as to why, when he thought he published a job advertisement on a given date, it was really only sent to the uni careers offices on that date, but published on the uni job boards two weeks later. With an impending job closing date, he was concerned.

We suggested two things: 
  1. That he double check the publish date during the publishing process as there is an option to post jobs immediately, or on a future date, and
  2. That NOT receiving approval emails from the unis soon after publishing is a clue that something might be amiss.
We also added an extra date field into the summaries of all current (published) jobs so that you can check that jobs have been published correctly on the required date. Often, a visual check can ensure that details have been posted accurately and allowing sufficient time for candidates to see and respond to opportunities.

Keep an eye out for the extra date information we've activated in your employer account and call us on 1300 852 112 if you have any questions whatsoever.


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