3 simple ways to use CareerHub Central to streamline your grad recruitment in 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  When speaking with graduate recruiters active (understatement?) in the Australian market, we hear over and over again how important it is to be organised to optimise the opportunities to both employers and candidates at this time of year.  Here is our timely reminder of how CareerHub Central can help streamline your efforts when you have a new intake of grads to look after whilst considering all the things you have to plan for during 2013:

YOUR DATA… accurate details about your organisation (including a brief para description) and staff contacts should feature in your CareerHub Central employer registration. If you have had a changing of the guard as is common at this time of year, please take a few moments to log into www.careerhub.com.au to review and update your corporate information. Information from your employer account is swept hourly and updates distributed to each university's CareerHub system nationally.

THE FAIRS… complete all your Careers Fair registrations in one place with our functionality that automatically logs you in to each university's local system where you can complete and edit registration forms.  An increasing number of universities use the CareerHub Form Builder system for management of their Careers Fairs. This is a free service through CareerHub Central so log into your employer account and select Careers Fairs Registration Forms from the links on the left of your screen to save yourself some time.

YOUR PROFILE… CareerHub Central provides the unique opportunity for graduate employers to publish an Employer Profile directly on the CareerHub systems used in over 30 universities.  An online value statement to students and graduates about your organisation’s employment and recruitment activities, an Employer Profile allows you to have a year-round organisational presence within the universities’ CareerHub systems where you can promote your organisation directly to over 1 million students and graduates. Advertise the qualities you seek in candidates, graduate programme details, discipline areas from which you recruit or any other information you wish to promote to students and graduates. Full details about activating or renewing your Employer Profile, latest statistics plus booking information can be found at Distributing your Organisation Profile.

If you would prefer to discuss the status of your employer registration on CareerHub Central or discover how we may further assist with your recruitment in 2013, simply call us on 1300 852 112 or email central@careerhub.com.au.  

We look forward to you using CareerHub Central to make recruiting students and graduates easier.

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