Job advertisement posting compliance with the Fair Work Act

Recently our Employer Support Manager Wendy came unstuck posting a job advertisement for a grad employer. The employer stipulated that remuneration for the role was ‘to be discussed’ so they could meet candidates and, together, negotiate a salary package. The particular industry also had no specified award.

Not long after posting the job to the CareerHub universities nationally, she received a number of queries from the careers services. Here is a typical example:

To comply with the Fair Work Act, we must closely assess individual job ads to protect employment rights of our students. Please email a detailed description of the duties that the students are required to conduct during the course of their employment, the number of hours they are required to work, and any additional fees that is associated in the role. Our university does not endorse any roles that require students to pay any fees or costs to an external provider.  Please note, if a student reports an employer for unethical conduct or charging additional fees without disclosing it in the job advertisement, will be reported to the Fair Work Ombudsman and banned from advertising at our university. Furthermore, please provide a either a specific figure, range or award for the remuneration of this position. According to Australian law, the minimum hourly rate is $15.96. Please forward us these details shortly. National minimum wage information Examples $15.96 – $17 p/h dependent on skill level/experience. 

So be mindful when posting your jobs to the universities – either directly or through CareerHub Central – as you now need to be accurate about populating the remuneration field to minimise time taken going back and forth to address individual queries prior to posting. Such extra interactions for uni careers queries could significantly delay how quickly candidates get to read about your job. You can now monitor the progress of your job(s) distribution to keep on top of lags and queries – more at More insight into your job posting status.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 852 112.


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