An easier way to reach out to graduates so they get the message and you get better qualified candidates

Activating a CareerHub Employer Profile in 2013

When the Graduate Outlook Survey examined the median cost to recruit a graduate between small and large employers, larger employers (who tend to recruit more graduates), spent twice as much per capita compared to smaller employers. They also determined that the total median cost to recruit graduates is fifteen times greater for larger employers.   Even in a time of market uncertainty, recruitment of the ‘right’ graduates was identified as the top graduate recruitment issue both now and in the future.  For over ten years, CareerHub has powered the job boards in the majority of Australian universities ensuring that employers can reach out to graduates with relevant, targeted messaging. To concentrate their efforts in reaching out to the right candidates, many employers activate a CareerHub Central Employer Profile. An online value statement to students and graduates about your organisation’s employment and recruitment activities, a CareerHub Central Employer Profile:

  • is available to over 1.4 million registered students and graduates throughout Australia
  • is linked to any jobs you currently have listed, of which 22,000 online job advertisements are viewed per day
  • generates a significantly higher traffic margin than print publications and generic public job websites
  • is searched upon by validated students and graduates

Having a CareerHub Employer Profile gives your organisation year-round online presence within 33 universities’ CareerHub systems, making you as a potential employer more accessible to candidates.

CareerHub Central is dedicated to ensuring you are prepared for the graduate recruitment year ahead, and are equipped with the tools and resources to move forward in effective and profitable ways.

CareerHub Employer Profile activations are currently underway, so call us on 1300 852 112 or email to reserve yours.

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