I made a mistake in the published job advertisement. How do I change that?

Graduate employers and recruiters, please be reminded that you will NOT be able to edit any job vacancy advertisements after publishing.

Since CareerHub is actually sending content into the universities own ‘internal’ CareerHub system then the university has a legal responsibility to check each vacancy and edit. Therefore once checked by university staff the vacancy cannot be edited directly for legal responsibility reasons.

Please ensure that all details are 100 per cent correct before proceeding; our advice is to check and re-check your job posting text for accuracy, even enlisting the help of a colleague to proof-read your saved draft prior to publishing.

If you have any queries about our job posting protocols, please call us on 1300 852 112. Or visit our frequently asked questions and answers at www.careerhub.com.au/Content/FAQ.aspx.

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One comment on “I made a mistake in the published job advertisement. How do I change that?
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