Planning and budgeting with CareerHub Central in 2014/15


CareerHub Central works with employers who register for free to use the service and then post job vacancies as required.

Can’t believe we’re staring down the barrel of the financial year-end already! So here’s a few tips to get your graduate recruitment organised:

  • We’re often asked if CareerHub Central is a subscription service, which it is not. It works with employers who register for free to use CareerHub Central and then post job vacancies as required paying a flat rate of $AUD180 incl GST per job posting. Please note that there are some universities that charge extra admin fees for job postings, which we’ve listed in our FAQs #43 at so you can gauge upfront whether or not to distribute your jobs to them. 
  • If you anticipate a high volume of job postings, we have job package rates available
  • If a graduate employer wishes to take advantage of extra advertising on the 35 CareerHub uni job boards across Australia, you can activate a CareerHub Employer Profile for 12 months. More info at or click View My Profile in the menu to see what your organisation may have advertised in the past. We’ll be updating our CareerHub Employer Profile information and booking form in coming weeks and will let you know when that is ready to peruse.
  • Most of the buzz of careers fairs is now behind us for another year, however it’s worth logging into your CareerHub Central employer account and clicking Careers Fairs Registration Forms in the left menu to find out which universities are running winter fairs or other careers events.

That’s pretty much everything in a nutshell, so let us know if you have any questions on 1300 852 112.

Centralised Job Distribution | Employer Profiles | Careers Fairs Registration | Over 1.7 Million Australian Students, Graduates & Experienced Professional Alumni | 35 Australian Universities

CareerHub Central, created CareerHub, operates as a gateway with each participating university’s CareerHub software to take the hassle out of individually contacting multiple universities about your vacancies. When you register on the CareerHub Central website, the system will distribute your contact details, jobs and profile directly into the CareerHub databases within each participating university. There are over 2.5 million students registered in CareerHub databases in over 35 Australian universities. Students using CareerHub click on over 8 million jobs viewed per year.

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