Can employers be selective in targeting candidates using CareerHub?

targetAt this time of the graduate year, we find ourselves in the thick of updating and activating new CareerHub Employer Profiles for employers who are wise to the CareerHub tools at their disposal.

Once a CareerHub Employer Profile has copy and artwork finalised and is approved for distribution, it goes out to the entire Australian network of 35 CareerHub universities so it can be viewed by all registered users of each uni’s CareerHub system for 12 months. 

This feature allows employers to have a year-round online organisational presence within the universities’ CareerHub systems.

With Profiles, it is the students who make the choice to access the extra information available as part of the research they do whilst browsing their institution’s CareerHub about potential, suitable employers by:

  • browsing all employers by industry
  • browsing only employers with Profiles in an alphabetically sorted list
  • through dynamic linking from any vacancies or graduate programs you have listed
  • through dynamic linking from any event listings you have (e.g. Careers Fair attendance or on-campus presentations)
  • through links from archived vacancies while researching employers and career choices

So it pays to use CareerHub to distribute job advertisements, which are automatically linked to your Employer Profile to generate significantly higher traffic and enhance the effectiveness of your candidate attraction messaging.

Extra targeting available when posting job vacancies

Remember, too, that whenever you post a job vacancy on CareerHub Central, employers can also target candidates with another layer of criteria – via the study areas dropdown field when setting up a job advertisement for posting. And, as always, specific unis can also be chosen for this purpose, up to as many as 35 insitutions if you wish.

More information about CareerHub Employer Profiles can be found at Distributing your Organisational Profile

If your organisation has an existing or expired Profile, you can log into and click View My Profile from the menu to review it. It’s definitely worth it as there are significant savings to be made by renewing or reactivating your CareerHub Employer Profile. Call us on 1300 852 112 to see a sample or to obtain a Profile information and booking form.

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Centralised Job Distribution | Employer Profiles | Careers Fairs Registration | Over 2 Million Australian Students, Graduates & Experienced Professional Alumni | 35 Australian Universities

CareerHub Central, created CareerHub, operates as a gateway with each participating university’s CareerHub software to take the hassle out of individually contacting multiple universities about your vacancies. When you register on the CareerHub Central website, the system will distribute your contact details, jobs and profile directly into the CareerHub databases within each participating university. There are over 2.5 million students registered in CareerHub databases in over 35 Australian universities. Students using CareerHub click on over 8 million jobs viewed per year.

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