Organising or renewing an Employer Profile in 2018?

There is something like 38 days left until 2018 from today, which prompts this very brief housekeeping note to remind you about CareerHub Employer Profiles.

If your company or agency has one up on the CareerHub uni job boards and it’s due to expire around the New Year, please get in touch with me before 22 Dec 2017. Just log into and click View My Profile to see your active Profile or call us on 1300 852 112 to check dates with you.

TIP: Be sure not to confuse having an Employer Profile with simply being registered as an employer on CareerHub or CareerHub Central. Being registered as an employer only gives you access to the job posting gateway. Having an active Employer Profile live on the uni job boards gives you an added layer of interaction with potential candidates for a 12-month period.
If you are thinking of adding another layer of advertising to your employer presence on the uni CareerHub job boards, there are some very good reasons for doing that which we outline here.
Whether you’re activating or renewing an Employer Profile, the first step is to download the booking info form from our website to check out the spec and all the material elements you’ll need to provide.
Then, to book our team to build your Employer Profile, simply return a completed and signed booking form to me to get the process underway. The great thing is that you can flick it all to us and our team can work to your specified date for activation.
TIP: Even if you’re happy just posting jobs on, make sure you check out our job package rates to see if you can make some savings.

Please call us with any queries you may have about CareerHub Employer Profiles in 2018.

CareerHub Central, created CareerHub, operates as a gateway with each participating university’s CareerHub software to take the hassle out of individually contacting multiple universities about your vacancies. When you register on the CareerHub Central website, the system will distribute your contact details, jobs and profile directly into the CareerHub databases within each participating university. There are over 2.5 million students registered in CareerHub databases in over 35 Australian universities. Students using CareerHub click on over 8 million jobs viewed per year.

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