Is it possible to advertise multiple job closing dates?

Over the years we have seen some innovative ways employers use CareerHub Central to post single and multiple jobs via one advertisement.

Recently we were asked, if posting several job positions under the one job advertisement heading, is it possible to set multiple closing dates.

The answer is no.

The functionality of CareerHub Central does not support such an action.

The workaround is this: Read more ›

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Keep your Employer Profile compelling in FY17

Use these 6 weeks to update and make your CareerHub Employer Profile as unmissable as possible!

Before you read, please note that having a CareerHub Employer Profile is entirely different functionality to simply having a registered employer account on Let us know if you’re unsure. Read more ›

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Can volunteer roles be advertised via CareerHub Central?

Our recommended approach to advertising volunteer roles

Whenever an employer posts a job via CareerHub Central to the university job boards, it must comply with the Fair Work Act, and CareerHub Central’s functionality has been specifically designed to accommodate the exact requirements of Australia’s universities to capture the correct data in order to be compliant.

But what about when it comes to posting volunteer positions?

Read more ›

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Questions to ask a uni careers service

Whilst CareerHub Central streamlines and automates an employer’s uni job posting efforts once you’ve posted a job, the option to View Publish Details only gives you part of the story.

At the end of the day, the relationship still lies between an employer and a uni, so we encourage you to ask as many questions as it takes to optimise your candidate attraction efforts.  Read more ›

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It’s worth the 2 minute call so you don’t have to do this

It’s not an uncommon weekly occurrence to find that a grad employer has registered their company on CareerHub Central, only to find that they’ve created a duplication.

But CareerHub Central has steps to flag potential duplicates during the registration process, and it’s here that you have the option to pause and pick up the phone to call us to check, which is far preferable to a recent scenario that required considerable work to unravel. Read more ›

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What is CareerHub Central?

CareerHub is a web application used by educational institutions to run their careers services.

CareerHub Central is a distribution platform enabling easy job posting to all institutions using CareerHub in Australia & New Zealand.

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