It’s worth the 2 minute call so you don’t have to do this

It’s not an uncommon weekly occurrence to find that a grad employer has registered their company on CareerHub Central, only to find that they’ve created a duplication.

But CareerHub Central has steps to flag potential duplicates during the registration process, and it’s here that you have the option to pause and pick up the phone to call us to check, which is far preferable to a recent scenario that required considerable work to unravel. Read more ›

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Membership? Subscription? What is the CareerHub Central model?

We’re often asked by employers about renewing their CareerHub Central ‘subscription’.

Or what does an employer need to do to become a ‘member’ of CareerHub Central.

The answer is nothing.

CareerHub Central offers employers and graduate recruiters an online pay-as-you-go service for job advertising to 35 Australian universities. (See Advertising Vacancies for fees and packages.)  Read more ›

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Can I fix a job after it has been approved?

We’ve all had that moment when you’ve ticked all the boxes and pressed SEND on a job only to realise afterwards that there was an error!

Annoying.  Read more ›

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8 tips for using CareerHub Central effectively

  1. List local phone numbers with a state prefix only. As your employer details are only distributed to Australian universities, there is no need to supply an Australian +61 country code. If your office address is not in Australia then, of course, it makes sense to supply your country’s international dialling code.
  2. ABN = faster approval by university careers services.
  3. Landline office number on front page of your employer registration = faster approval by university careers services. A legit website goes a long way to helping too.
  4. List a generic email address on the front page of your employer registration. Careers services and we need to know how to reach your organisation if the primary contact is ever on extended periods of leave or if you have left the building. With receptionists more and more loath to putting calls through, this goes a long way to making sure your organisation receives accurate and timely communications about CareerHub Central usage and changes.
  5. Your employer registration (and therefore your organisation) only becomes visible to the CareerHub unis and their grads and students once you’ve posted and had approved your first job.
  6. As CareerHub Central is a gateway to the uni job boards, we are not authorised to provide data on the individual performance of Employer Profiles or job postings. Employers need to request that information from the individual unis. The good news is that you can find all the contact details at so you can make requests to each of the careers services concerned.
  7. Make it standard practice to log in at the start of each calendar and/or financial year to review your employer information and bring your employer account up to date. This especially applies to government departments, and means updating the name of your agency with changes of government and other restructures.
  8. If you think or know you’ve made a mistake on a job you’ve just posted, call us straight away to see if we can help. Once your job is approved by the careers service in each uni to which you’ve published it, we cannot make any edits (read why here).

Like the uni careers services when it comes to job posting, we also proactively check duplicate registrations and other anomalies so don’t be surprised if you receive a call to make sure your new employer registration or existing employer account stacks up.

If you’re ever unsure the best thing you can do is phone our Employer Support team on 1300 852 112 for assistance and advice.

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Hints for compiling CareerHub Employer Profile

This is the main content of your Employer Profile.

The aim of this text is to promote your organisation as an employer, and to build recognition of your brand.

This section should provide students with an understanding of what your organisation does, why they should consider you as an employer, what entry programs you offer and how they should apply. Increasingly students are expecting some information about your environmental policies and community awareness.

We suggest your CareerHub Employer Profile be written in small sections with headings such as:

  • What are we looking for in graduates?
  • From which discipline areas do we recruit?
  • When do applications open?
  • How do I apply?
  • Why you should work with us?

Read more ›

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