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Membership? Subscription? What is the CareerHub Central model?

We’re often asked by employers about renewing their CareerHub Central ‘subscription’. Or what does an employer need to do to become a ‘member’ of CareerHub Central. The answer is neither.

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Can I fix a job after it has been approved?

We’ve all had that moment when you’ve ticked all the boxes and pressed SEND on a job only to realise afterwards that there was an error! Annoying. 

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8 tips for using CareerHub Central effectively

List local phone numbers with a state prefix only. As your employer details are only distributed to Australian universities, there is no need to supply an Australian +61 country code. If your office address is not in Australia then, of

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Hints for compiling CareerHub Employer Profile

This is the main content of your Employer Profile. The aim of this text is to promote your organisation as an employer, and to build recognition of your brand. This section should provide students with an understanding of what your

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3 easy steps to bring your CareerHub employer account up to date for FY16

Now is the perfect time to get your CareerHub Central account up to date for FY16. First and foremost, please check your employer and employer contact details and update anything that is no longer current. The careers officers at each

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