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Here are our best tips to get you started Happy New Year! If you have inherited an employer account from former colleagues or colleagues who have moved within your organisation then we welcome you and invite you to call us

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5 ways to save time with CareerHub Central

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete your long list of to-dos? It can be hard to focus on your top priorities when you’re spending a lot of time following up with teammates and fielding

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It’s worth the 2 minute call so you don’t have to do this

It’s not an uncommon weekly occurrence to find that a grad employer has registered their company on CareerHub Central, only to find that they’ve created a duplication. But CareerHub Central has steps to flag potential duplicates during the registration process,

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8 tips for using CareerHub Central effectively

List local phone numbers with a state prefix only. As your employer details are only distributed to Australian universities, there is no need to supply an Australian +61 country code. If your office address is not in Australia then, of

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Planning and budgeting with CareerHub Central in 2014/15

Can’t believe we’re staring down the barrel of the financial year-end already! So here’s a few tips to get your graduate recruitment organised:

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